Make you kitchen smart with the right flooring

Laminate floors are a great option when it comes to kitchen flooring. Laminate flooring is a popular option. The kitchen is the highest traffic area in the home where most of the food is prepared and is likely to come in contact with water and fatty foods. But with regular maintenance, using the right wood and finishes you can create a durable wood floor in your kitchen. Hardwood flooring companies offer a large selection to choose from. It is available in different varieties and colours.

Here are some things you might think about before purchasing hardwood flooring for your kitchen:

The best wood for cooking:

When it comes to kitchen flooring, it is always recommended to use solid wood.

Oak and ash are two of the largest indigenous types of wood used to make wooden floors. The biggest advantage of using these types is: Their beautiful, coarse-grained, and delicate texture not only makes your kitchen floor beautiful but also helps to camouflage the little scratches and dents that will occur over time.

There are other, more resistant woods on the market, but the main disadvantage of using them is that they change colour and darken over time.

It is also very sensitive to changes in humidity.
The best wood finishes for the kitchen:
Wood floors in the kitchen should have a protective coating to prevent moisture absorption and staining.

While most of the hardwood floors available today are suitable for kitchens, it does feature a water-based clear paint that is often recommended because it preserves the colour of the wood and can be easily covered.

The best finish is the acrylic saturated plant water finish that spreads through the forest rather than remaining on the surface. (

Although acrylic floor paints are more expensive, they are stronger and require less maintenance.
Also, the use of dyes helps the dirt to shine.

Varnish finishes:

Polyurethane lacquer finishes are very durable and sustainable. It is more than enough for all home interiors. But if there is a lot of damage, parts of the floor or in some cases the whole section needs to be replaced. Parts near the sink, stove, and refrigerator are more prone to drops and spills. You can use rugs to secure these pieces. (

Maintenance of hard floors in the kitchen:

These hardwood floors should have a couple of caulk coatings applied to prevent moisture penetration.
If something spills, be sure to clean it up right away and don’t let the water drip onto the wood surface for too long.
Make sure not to scrub or use chemicals to clean. Use the original gloss recommended for your flooring products. (
If the floor is damaged, you can send it to sand the surface and reapply the protective layers.


Wood can also combine design schemes and you can choose the one that best matches the matching features. The laminate flooring you choose depends on your taste. You can choose an inexpensive option from the popular hardwood flooring company near you.